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Four Beautea to Start Spring the Right Way

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Spring is here and as the weather warms up, we all want to feel revitalised and energetic.

Four Beautea will help you with your goals. This perfectly balanced blend is designed to aid with rejuvenation and brighten your complexion amongst other health benefits thanks to its active ingredients. Let's take a look at all the powerful components of this little beauty wonder in a tea cup!

Four Beautea contains whole rose buds, a natural aid to achieve clear and radiant skin.Rose buds can help balancing PH levels, so you can keep breakouts under control. Your skin will look and feel amazing this spring.

The Osmanthus flowers are rich in Vitamin B3, which may help lower your cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk. Beauty and health go hand in hand!

Delicious goji berries are packed with amino acids, proteins, vitamin A and vitamin C. We always use whole ingredients in all our blends, so you can eat the berries after you have finished your tea, they taste yummy when they are rehydrated from the infusion!

Jasmine flowers are well known for their aphrodisiac properties as well as other benefits such as treating fever, redden skin and swollen eyes.

Lastly, the Chrysanthemums flowers have cooling properties and may help relieve fever, coughs, general inflammation and dizziness.

All of these benefits come in a tasty tea for you to enjoy at any time during the day or night.

Let’s get spring started with the Amazing Four Beautea!


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