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June's blend of the month is Iron Brew!

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Father's Day is finally here! This is a Sunday to celebrate with family, be thankful to our dads and everything they have done for us. Everyone deserves to be spoilt every once in a while, and if you’re looking for a last-minute gift, we have just the right thing for you ;)

Celebrate Father's Day with some delicious teatime, a healthy and tasty treat that your dad can stock up in his cupboard and enjoy anytime he wants a little break.

Which blend to choose from? We have a variety of flavours for different health concerns, each of our blends should be tried at least once! For this special occasion we recommend Iron Brew - it's strong and sharp taste is well liked by all the dads in our teatime family! This powerful infusion helps to energise and strengthen, it’s best enjoyed before a workout for that extra boost without the side effects of caffeine or artificial stimulants. It’s also great for mental activity, so it can be enjoyed during a hard day at work or when increased concentration is needed.


So, what’s inside this little power infusion? As expected, our 100% natural, delicious perfume-free ingredients; after several mixing experiments, we came out with this winning recipe:

Tie Guan Yin Leaf - this tea is also known as Iron Goddess, for a good reason! It’s extremely energising and has a positive effect on the skin. It contains polyphenols with anti-allergenic properties, which helps to relieve certain skin conditions.

Red Honey Dates ... yum! These little fruits add a bit of sweetness to the tea, they also rehydrate after the first infusion so you can eat them after you have finished your tea. Red honey dates are frequently used in Chinese medicine to treat stress, stimulate the immune system, counteract oxidation and improve the healing of wounds.

Dried Ginseng - this extremely potent root has to be treated with caution, as it can cause side effects if used in large amounts. We ensure that we only use the very best quality Ginseng in our teas; we only put in small amounts that can be tolerated by anyone, even those who are not used to this ingredient. Ginseng encourages energy boosts and memory levels, plus aids the body to resist stress, both physical and mental.

You can choose to have Iron Brew in loose leaf form or convenient tea sachets for when you're on-the-go, check out the options in our online shop. Choose “Gift” when checking out and we’ll do all the hard work for you! Happy drinking! 

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