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Lemmune Superboost has won the Great Taste Award 2017!

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We’re so pleased to announce that teatime has won the Great Taste Award 2017!

The winner is our Lemmune Superboost, which stood out for the quality of ingredients as well as the balance of flavours.

Lemmune Superboost is our easy drinker; it’s popular with those new to herbal tea for its versatility and fresh flavour. The unique balance of lemongrass, goji berries and silver needle tea gives this blend its unique crisp tone. It’s a bit like capturing a breath of fresh air and pouring it in a teacup :)

The teatime family is celebrating this great achievement with a tea party this evening; we’re a very happy team today - it’s so rewarding to see our tea appreciated by the experts as well as all our fans.

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You’re probably already familiar with the Great Taste badge - perhaps you’ve seen it outside your favourite restaurant or on some new products at the food store. Great Taste is the acknowledged benchmark of fine food and drink. It’s been described as the “Oscars’ of the food world and is a guarantee that you can trust the high quality of what you are buying when you see the little round black logo displayed.

This award means a lot to us; it’s a recognition of all the hard work we put in what we do, of the passion that goes into making sure we only put the very best stuff in our teas and make them taste great too!

Have you not tried our Lemmune Superboost yet? If you’re curious to see what makes it so special, stock up now ;) the blend is available in loose leaf form as well as convenient tea sachets

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