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Popcorn Pep is the blend of the month!

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Are you a tea lover looking for something different, a truly unique blend with a distinctive and surprising flavour? This month we bring you Popcorn Pep - our fans call it the “marmite” tea; those familiar with Asian cuisine will recognise the mellow umami flavour whilst for others, it’s a totally new experience.

Popcorn Pep is a nutty and fragrant Japanese blend, made from roasted rice grains and Sencha green tea. This combination gives the tea a special flavour, we promise there is no other tea that tastes quite like it! The infusion has a rounded yet intense scent, it will easily stimulate your appetite and is best enjoyed with savoury food.

As with all our teas, it’s not all about the taste; Popcorn Pep has potent detoxifying and antioxidant properties, thanks to the high quality Gyokuru Green Tea leaves that are sourced directly from Japan. The antioxidants in this green tea stimulate fat burning and improved physical performance. Also, they may lower the risk, as different studies suggest, of different types of cancer.

Green tea is a powerful stimulant which is well-tolerated even by those with extreme caffeine sensitivity. This makes it a perfect alternative to coffee and energy drinks, which often contain excessive amounts of sugar and are loaded with chemical ingredients. We only put a small amount of dried leaves into our tea - which means the caffeine content is very low.

We mix the tea with roasted rice grains, which add complexity to the blend, and can help the body to balance blood sugar levels, cholesterol and fatty acids. If you are following a healthy diet or keeping an eye on your weight, sipping a roasted rice grains infusion will complement your eating regime perfectly; and you get to enjoy the fragrance of roasted rice with virtually zero calories - tuck in and have as much as you want!


As you know, we have different blends for different moods and times of the day :) so when is it best to have Popcorn Pep? The easy answer is … ANYTIME! This blend can be enjoyed throughout the day thanks to its low caffeine content; it is perfect for accompanying meals and as a healthy alternative for afternoon teas. It is great with Asian food, particularly Japanese and fish based meals, where it can be enjoyed as a palate cleanser between courses.

You only need 1 teaspoon of Popcorn Pep per serving. The long lasting aroma means that the blend can be reinfused several times.

Popcorn Pep is your perfect pick-me-up throughout the day and this month we have a special discount for you: simply use code POPCORNPEP20 at checkout to get 20% off a box! Offer ends 25th May, order now!

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