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You can now get your favourite teatime on Yumbles!


Teatime has recently joined forces with Yumbles, the all-natural food marketplace making healthy eating easy and delicious for everyone!

Yumbles has partnered with small-batch producers of food & drinks all across the UK. They are focused on sustainable and socially-responsible produce, making sure every product on the site is free from artificial ingredients.

As you can imagine, we love our afternoon tea breaks. They have become a real ritual for the teatime family :) We are always looking for healthy nibbles to accompany our tea-times, so we’ve tried a few snack boxes from Yumbles. There is so much variety and they were all so delicious! You can be very specific about what you want so if you have just started a Paleo diet, but you are also conscious about allergens in your food, you won't have to compromise on choice or taste.

The teatime family likes travelling, so we enjoyed discovering foods from around the world in the Food & Travel section. If you are feeling lucky, you can also join one of the competitions under "Get Involved" - maybe this time your food will find you, not the other way around ;)


Everybody loves snacking but there is so much more on Yumbles; from delicious cheeses, to sweet treats, exotic spices and tasty superfoods to healthy drinks and spirits. You can easily find teatime from the search icon in the top right corner, or look for us under the tea section.

Ordering from Yumbles is super easy, as they connect you directly with the producer. They will receive your order, prepare it and send it to you in no time. Teatime is so excited to be part of a platform which allows people to choose based on their specific diets - we think you will love it too!

Give it a try and start getting healthier this May!

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