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50.00 Grams

The ideal way to start your day; kickstart your mind and metabolism.


Health benefits


✔ Powerful antioxidant

✔ Brain boost

✔ Kickstart metabolism

Time Of The Day


✔ Breakfast

✔ Afternoon tea

✔ Before a workout


Moods & Suggested Use


✔ To re-energise the mind

✔ Iced Tea Tonic




100% Pure Japanese First Flush Sencha - This traditonal first flush sencha is made using only the finest leaves from the first harvest of the year, always yielding the most prized tea. Selected for its delicate flavour and fresh clean tones, the leaves of this fine sencha can actually be eaten after brewing; a sure sign that this tea is of the highest quality.


This tea is careful grown with love and without the aid of pesticides or other nasty chemicals. The producer has actually developed a pioneering technique, which uses a combination of water and air under pressure to simulate typhoon conditions. This amazingly helps to keep pests at bay. Our teas are kind to the environment as well as your body.


Kagoshima is famed for producing a very particular type of green tea called 'fukamushicha', which directly translates as 'deeply steamed tea'. Via a process of quickly cooling and then steaming the tea leaves immediately after harvest, this remarkable Sencha retains many fresh tones and a vibrant green colour. The steaming process is carefully varied from harvest to harvest by the tea master to help bring out the tea's most desirable features.


This Sencha is also what is referred to as a 'kabuse' (covered) Sencha. This means the tea is shaded from the sun just before harvest in a similar way to gyokuro, which helps to develop a slightly more mellow flavour and reduce the tea's bitterness.


Brewing Instructions

 Use 1 tsp of leaf per serving. Freshly boil water and cool to 70 – 80°C. Steep the leaves for 30s to 1 min gently swirling in a pot if possible. The gentle interaction with the water will infuse the flavour of the tea quickly, reducing the bitter taste often associated with green tea. 

When pouring the tea please try and extract all of the liquid as it is said that the last few drops in the pot retain the most flavour and are therefore prized. This also ensures that the leaves do not stew and can be used again for subsequent brews.


Please note the tea is of such high quality that the leaves can be eaten after brewing. This give you an extra antioxidant kick, which also tastes great with the addition of a subtle garnish like ‘Yuzu Ponzu‘.



Tea Blend Attributes


✔ Chemical Free

✔ Perfume free

✔ Low Caffeine

✔ No artificial colours

✔ Vegetarian
✔ Vegan
✔ Wheat free
✔ Gluten free

✔ Dairy free
✔ Soya free
✔ Nut free


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