Darjeeling Tea Loose Leaf – Natural First-Flush Indian Black Tea Leaves – Sweet Fruity & Muscatel with Subtle Orange Blossoms Notes – Easy to Brew Darjeeling Tea by The Tea Makers of London


Get your day off to a delicious start with the rich & fulfilling flavour of our Darjeeling black tea. Boost your morning routine with the refreshing & energising brew of our black tea — the perfect drink to keep you going all day!



  • Start Your Day with Black Tea Leaves: Kickstart your day with our Darjeeling House Blend. A sweet, fruity flavour with delicate muscatel notes and hints of orange blossoms makes for a perfect pick-me-up brew in the morning.
  • Beautifully Infused with Natural Ingredients: Our Darjeeling black tea loose leaf, often called the “champagne of teas”, is made with nature’s finest ingredients. This astringent amber brew includes first-flush pure Indian black tea leaves loose, perfect as mid-morning or afternoon tea.
  • Single Origin Loose Leaf Tea: Brew your black tea loose in minutes. Measure out 2-3 grams ( 1 teaspoon) of our loose tea leaves, place it in a cup or teapot, add 200ml hot water not exceeding 100°C, and steep for 3-5 minutes, strain tea solids, and serve!
  • Achieve a Balanced Lifestyle: Reap the rewards of adding these black loose leaf tea to your daily routine. Helps to maintain circulation — a delightful and nourishing way to promote your overall wellness every day.