KUKER – Hibiscus Tea 100% Pure Natural Organic Hibiscus Tea From Dried Hibiscus Flowers – Hibiscus Tea Bags for Blood Pressure, 20 Tea Bags (Pack of 10, Total of 200 Teabags) – 50g


Bulgaria’s herbs are known for their life-giving properties, offering health, strength, beauty, and even complex emotions. The diverse climate in Bulgaria creates ideal conditions for herbs, making it 1st place for herbal diversity in Europe.



  • NATURAL HIBISCUS INFUSION: Discover the essence of flowering tea with our Hibiscus Tea, a delightful blend crafted in 10-packs for convenience. Each pack comes with 20 hibiscus tea organic bags, offering a pure, caffeine-free experience with every sip. Made from dried hibiscus flowers, this hibiscus tea is free from artificial additives, providing a true hibiscus flower taste.
  • HEALTH-ENHANCING PROPERTIES: Our Hibiscus Tea Bags for Blood Pressure aren’t just a sensory delight but a healthful choice too. As a natural blood pressure tea, it’s rich in antioxidants and known for its potential to aid in blood pressure management. Every cup of this organic hibiscus tea bags blend contributes to overall wellness, offering more than just a pleasant taste.
  • PURE & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Enjoy the pure taste of hibiscus with our Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags. Made exclusively from 100% natural, organic dried hibiscus flowers, this hibiscus tea organic ensures a genuine and bold flavour. Our tea is completely free from additives and artificial flavours, bringing you the unadulterated essence of hibiscus.