Travelling To London? Here Are The Best Ride Hailing Apps To Use

Contemplative black businessman using smartphone in taxi

In the era of the pandemic, where going out, social distancing and wearing masks were at an all-time high, almost every industry suffered (except, of course, the pharmaceutical one), and ride-hailing apps like Uber were one of them.

However, ever since the pandemic has been lifted, there are a lot of new apps in the ride-hailing industry that are hitting the market, especially in tourist attractive cities like London.

If you’re travelling to London in a few, having the right ride-hailing app will make all the difference in the world, and we’re here to guide you about them. Make sure to read till the end, and find out more!


Uber is often considered the mother of all ride-hailing apps, and while it’s still a topic of critical discussion for a lot of different groups, it’s still safe to say that Uber started the wave of ride-hailing apps that provided ease to the ones that were looking for it.

Just like the rest of the world, Uber is available for use in London, and at the touch of a button, you’ll have a prestigious car waiting for you. 


The ZedCarz mobile cab app is a good contender for those that dread having to call drivers. Their mobile application is designed in such a way that you simply have to just tap, and since you can pay your fare in advance, it’s a great app for introverts that crave a contactless ride-hailing app from start to finish!

Though being a new app, it’s available across both iOS and Android and by the looks of it, it bears a pretty sleek interface. 


If you’re in the UK and you’ve heard of Uber, you’ve likely also heard of Bolt, since it’s Uber’s biggest competitor. Like Uber, Bolt incorporated a food delivery system into their ride-hailing app during the pandemic and has been racking up customers since.

However, the company has had its fair share of problems, since it was closed for about two years by Transport For London, and only resumed operations in 2019 under its new name.

Wrap Up

Having the right ride-hailing app makes all the difference in the world, and we’ve presented to you some of the best ride-hailing apps that you can use in London to swiftly get from one place to another. Though, between us both, this list is in no way an exhaustive list, so make sure to try new apps, and find ones that match your style, vibe and budget!