Make Sure Your Dressing Room Has THESE Things

black leather jacket hanged on brown wooden cabinet

So, you opted for the perfect custom-built dressing rooms by The Heritage Wardrobe Company. That’s perfect. You’re on the path to having the perfect dressing room. We’ve always said this, but your dressing room is a sacred space for getting ready. It’s your sanctuary, but there are certain things you need in this sanctuary for it to be helpful to you. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the five essentials every dressing room needs and why they’re crucial for your daily routine.

Some Extra Storage

The first thing you need in your dressing room is proper storage. We suggest that you start by getting rid of any clothing that hasn’t been worn in over a year and then separate your clothes by category. 

The key is to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. Consider investing in a closet organisation system that can accommodate the storage of all your clothes and accessories, from shoes to jewellery. A clean and organised closet will give you the confidence you need to pick out the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Perfect Lighting

Lighting is essential for any dressing room. Natural light is ideal, but if that’s not possible, we recommend installing lighting fixtures that mimic daylight and provide an even, soft glow that doesn’t cast shadows. 

Dimmer switches are also useful for controlling the amount of light in the room, especially when you’re applying makeup. A well-lit dressing room will allow you to see yourself clearly and ensure that your outfit matches your intended look.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

A mirror is a must-have accessory for any dressing room for obvious reasons. We suggest installing a versatile full-length mirror that provides an unobstructed view of your outfit. 

A floor-to-ceiling mirror is also ideal for those days when you need to evaluate your entire look from top to bottom. If you don’t have room for a standing mirror, a wall-mounted option will also work well.

An Elegant Dressing Table

A dressing table is a great addition to any dressing room. It provides a dedicated workspace where you can sit down and apply makeup, style your hair, or accessorise your outfit. When choosing a dressing table, consider getting one with drawers for storage and organisation. A functional and beautiful dressing table will give you the space to focus on yourself, which is especially important for those busy days.

Summing It Up

In summary, a dressing room is much more than just a place to store your clothes. It’s where you start your day, set your intention, and put your best foot forward. By incorporating these five essential elements – storage, lighting, mirror, dressing table, and display space – you can create a dressing room that is both functional and inspiring. 

Your dressing room should reflect your personal style and enhance your daily routine. Take the time to evaluate your space and identify the areas that need improvement before investing in any of these essentials. By doing so, you’ll certainly look and feel your best all day, every day.